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Aplike kredi 2020 ou isit la



Thank you for considering advertising in our 16th Anniversary Event Guide for Sizzle Miami 2022

Details of our Guide are as follows:


  • Will feature Sizzle Miami's schedule of events, vendor listing, resource directory listings, and advertisements.  

  • Presented in Full color and 5.5 tall by 8.5 tall  (5.75x8.75 bleed)

  • Electronic version will be available online for world-wide consumption on or before May 15th 2022

  • Mobile App version via Sizzle 305 will be available for free for world consumption via the app store and google play on or before May 15th 2022

  • Printed version will be available at the event May 21st 2022



Full Page $800.00 5.75x8.75 (BLEED) / 5.5x8.5 (TRIM)) Pay $600 Before March 31st, 2022

1/2 Page $500.00 (3.75x4.75 or 2.125x7.7) Pay $375 Before March 31st, 2022

1/4 Page $300.00 (3.75x2.25) Pay $225 Before March 31st, 2022

Double-Truck $1200.00 (2 Full Pages) Pay $900 Before March 31st, 2022



Friday May 8th, 2022



Payment is required at the time ad is submitted. Payments can be made online (see below) or To pay with credit card via phone, please call us at 786-916-6078


Audience / Guide Consumers

The guide will be seen by thousands of people throught-out the world and 10-15K at the event.


Digital File Submission

File format: Files must be submitted as pdf, jpeg (300dpi), tiff or eps files. Sizzle Miami will not be responsible for low resolution files or files with errors. All files must be converted to cmyk color - Ads must be submitted electronically using the form below or sent directly to 



Live Area: This is the safety area within which to build your ad. Anything placed within this area will remain on the page. Any ad that you wish not to bleed should be built to these specifications and not bigger.


Crop Size: The crop size is the actual size of the magazine. Any art or type that is placed outside the live area of the magazine may be cut off. Ads must not be built to trim. Atlanta Life Magazine will not be responsible for any art or type outside the live area that is cut off.


Bleed Size: All art, color, graphics, type, etc. that extend to the edge of the trimmed page must be extended an extra .25” on all sides. Failure to provide the extra .25 ? may result in an irregular white strip around the border of your ad.

Select Where You Wish To Be A Vendor

Mèsi pou soumèt - Tanpri pa sik de fwa!

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