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Saturday May 28th 2022
Miami, FL

$30 Presale Online Now
$40 Regular Admission
$60 VIP / Jump Line


$12,000 Category Prizes
$10,000 Sex Siren, Grand Prize
$6,000 Rumble Category





OTA All Runway $1000 (7 Trophies 1 cash)

Take us to the heavens with fashionable looks inspired from up high.  ( no live birds allowed) 

  • All American - The Planets 

  • BQ Runway  -  Thunder and Lightning 

  • Woman’s Runway - The Sun 

  • FQ Runway -  The Stars 

  • BQD Runway/  -  The Moon 

  • OTA Virgin Runway - The Clouds 

  • NON Binary -  The Rain


“The Ultimate Fan”

OTA REALNESS $1,000 (11 Trophies 1 cash)

Bring it is as a hardcore fan of some of my favorite things and people. 

  • MF SchoolBoy - Comic con Fan 

  • MF Executive -  Sports fan - (Tailgate - Vendor)

  • MF Pretty Boys - Beyoncé Fan 

  • MF Thugs -  Michael Jackson Fan 

  • MF Legends -  Pro Wrestling Fan 

  • FQ Bangy -  Rihanna  Fan 

  • FQ School Girls - Britney Spears Fan

  • FQ Pretty -  Nikki Minaj Fan 

  • FQ Executive - Michelle Obama Fan 

  • FQ  Legends - Trey Songs Fan 

  • Drags - Aaliyah Fan 



OTA PERFORMANCE $1000 (6 Trophies 1 cash)

The black Greek Fraternities and Sororities hold a special place in my heart. On this night bring your look in their colors but do not use any of their trademark symbols. Create your own branding if you must but honor them with your Vogue. 

  • Old Way - Alpha Phi Alpha - Black and Gold

  • New way -  Iota Phi Theta - Brown and yellow

  • Virgin -  Delta Sigma Theta - Blue and White 

  • Twist  -  Kappa Alpha Psi - Red and white 

  • VF -  Omega Psi Phi - Purple and Yellow 

  • FF -  Alpha Kappa Alpha -  Pink and Green


“Welcome to Miami" 

OTA BEST DRESSED $1000 (5 Trophies 1 cash)

Welcome to Miami Sizzle!  Gianni Versace  is recognized as one of Miami’s premier designers, who has inspired many fabulous looks ! Tonight recreate and bring us a fashion look inspired by Versace .The brand is known for its Medusa emblem, bold style, patterns and choice of colors like metallics, especially Gold! Who has the hottest look of the night! i.e. wearing the label is not a must !!! 

  • FQ

  • Women

  • BQD

  • BQ

  • Legends/ Icons 



OTA FACE $!,000 (8 Trophies 1 cash)

Sponsored by Overall Father Icon George Mizrahi and APEB 

Everyone knows I love Greek Mythology. Bring it as the following God and Goddess of your division. Show what you look like if the deity reincarnates in you in the modern times but you must incorporate their pieces of their signature looks. We shouldn't have to guess who has taken over your body. 

  • FQ -  Hera Queen of the Gods 

  • BQ -   Apollo The Sun God 

  • BQD -  Aphrodite Goddess of Love 

  • Women -  Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

  • Transman - Aires God of War 

  • Virgin -  Hades God of the Underworld

  • New - Cupid God of Love, son of Aphrodite. 

  • Non Binary - Persephone Goddess of the Underworld


“Color Evolution of FQ Sex”

FEMALE FIGURE SEX SIREN  $1000 (7 Trophies 1 cash)

Sponsored by Icon Uncle Mike Ebony, with the Overall Father Icon George Mizrahi and APEB 

It started at the Mizrahi Hellraiser ball and it woke up the categories to a new elevation. Tonight grace the era in the colors of their dominance. .

  • FQ Senior - Red the first color 

  • FQ New - White the assertion color

  • FQ Junior - Pink passing of the torch color

  • FQ Big Girls - Purple the color of passion.

  • FQ Legend - Gold the statement color

  • Women - Black the vengeance color

  • BQD -  Yellow the coming of age color


Jack Mizrahi Guccis’ Super Birthday Rumble Team. 

$6,000 OTA Vogue Fem with Iconic and Legendary Team captains.

  • Each team must highlight each member in a production no longer than 3 minutes, and based on ONE of my favorite things:

  • SuperHeroes, Super Villains, Cartoons, Pro Wrestling, Video Games, Fairy Tales, Horror Movies, Astrology,

  • Each team will consist of 6 members including the captains.

  • Each Team member must bring a birthday gift to be donated to the children’s hospital

  • Each Captain may have up to two of their house members on their team.

  • All battles will be determined by luck of the draw.

  • House members on the opposite teams will have to battle .

  • Last surviving team will receive $6,000

  • Each team needs to confirm participation by Friday MAY 27 AT 


CAPTAINS  (In alphabetical order)















  • DAE DAE 007 

  • GEE 007

  • LONDON 007

The Undisputed MR. Sex Siren 2022

In celebration of over TWO DECADES of BUTCH QUEEN SEX SIREN , CREATED by Jack Mizrahi.


This category has been JACK’D … TO …  $10,000

Sponsored by JACK’D  Mobile APP

Part 1 -  UNLOCK ME  (3rd category of the 1st half.)

Present yourself well dressed in a suit with an item that represents where you are from with a Sexy tagline…( Like the housewives franchise). Sell your sexiness in your suit for the battles.

Winner of Part 1 will receive an advantage that will allow them to skip ONE battle in round 2 except the last battle. . 

  • Plus an additional $1,000 sponsored by Legendary Overall Father Derrick Chanel and


Part 2 - STEALTH ( 5th category of 1st half.)

Present yourself as the sexy athlete, pick any sport and bring it like a jock.

Sell your look and sexiness for the battles.

Winner of this lady 2 will receive an advantage that will allow them one redemption battle in round 3 anytime except for the last battle.

  • Plus an additional $1,000 Sponsored by Icon George Mizrahi and APEB



Part 3 - PRO MODE  (10th category of the 1st half.)

Bring your ultimate sexy fantasy to life whether it be SuperHero/Villains, Cosplay, S&M, Pleasure You Lingerie, Role Play, Sci-Fi, Western, Comic Book, Fairy Tale, Movies, Pro Wrestling, Video games etc…  make it sexy!! 

Give us a production and sell it for the win. Surprise us with your sensuality, entice us, excite us, and DON'T FORGET a sexy birthday gift that will remind me of you for years to come.​


Rules of Engagement

  • You MUST sign up by the deadline to compete FRIDAY MAY 27

  • You MUST participate in all 3 parts of the category.

  • A  production is a must in ROUND 3: It cannot exceed 5 mins between setup and reveal.

  • Calling all divisions: New walked before, Transmen, Catboys, Big Boys, Juniors, Seniors, Legends,

  • All Battles will be determined by random drawing of names

  • All finalists must battle no house affiliations.only one will be crowned.

  • There will be no a no chop rule in parts 1 and 2

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