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Miami Beach and South Beach on the regular are known for having bumper to bumper. Now imagine this times 10. Well not quite 10 but you get the picture. Like you, everyone wants and will be in Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend. That being the case, if you're in the city coming to the The National Hotel: we suggest using the I-195


For our night party on Sunday (Space) in the city, commutes from the beach are best again via I-195 to Biscayne Blvd South.


If you're deep in South Beach, I-395 will probably be your best option coming into the city and might not be as bad as the commute coming back. If returning via the I-395 Causeway, make sure your sober Judy is Driving. Be extra nice if you see cops, and let them know you're with Sizzle if you ever need to name drop. 



  • License plate readers are sometimes utilized going to the beach from I-395

  • Memorial Day Weekend, The Venetian Causeway is open to local resident only.

  • Ocean Drive is closed to vehicles between 5th-15th

  • Washington becomes a loop between 5th-15th going South

  • Collins becomes a loop between 5th-15th going North

  • No Access to roads south of 5th on South Beach

  • All roads between Alton and Collins and 5th-15th will be open to residents only between 7pm-7am

  • FRIDAY NIGHT PARKING: Use the parking 16th between Washington and Collins -DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PARK SOUTH OF 16th. Additional Parking lots are available 17th and Pennsylvania (Lincoln Mall Garage) - a lil walk to TRADE/SCORE but beats the hassle and getting caught in that loop.

  • Remember we're not the only ones that are aware of the more convenient parking options. Also, because of the heavy nighttime traffic in South Beach, we suggest that you add at least 1-1.5 hours to your commute even if your phone shows that you're just a few miles away. 



In the day, your commutes to and from the National Hotel should be via I-195 and I-395 Causeway. Keep in mind that the 79th street lifts frequently in the day and adds 30 minute to any commute. If traveling from the city to the host hotel, we suggest that you leave at least 1-1 1/2 hours prior to get to us on the beach. Although your phones will show that we're just a few miles away, traffic needs to be heavily considered. 



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