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When it comes to social media, the idiom “socialite”, used to describe someone, can take on so many different meanings. Here at Sizzle Miami, we affectionately define this person as a fun-filled social bug. He’s sharp, witty, with an infectious sense of humor and always at the center of the hippest, liveliest squad in his city. He’s stylish, well-travel, and can be found in the glitziest VIP rooms popping bottle at the Nation’s must-attend events. He’s not arrogant or vain, bit rather confident and demands noting but the best. Nothing but the best for himself and his squad of carefully hand-picked social-bugs.


Reppin’ the Nation’s major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and many others, look for the socialites of America to unite for what will be one hype Memorial Day Weekend, only at Sizzle 2017. Behind the velvet rope or outside looking in, where will you and your squad be when the United Socialites of America invade sunny, sexy South Florida?

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