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This year’s event is 100% different from past Sizzle events. Unlike previous years when tickets were picked up from our visitor and information center, all information and tickets will be sent electronically. Tickets will be sent via email to each ticket holder. Tickets are only being send to the email address where the ticket originated from.

However, if you purchased Sizzle Club Express cards (Night club events only) or Sizzle Ultimate cards (Day and Night Event) for more than one person or another person, we will need the names and email addresses for each of the people receiving tickets. No exceptions.


Until your ticket(s) are emailed to you, you will want to download the Event Brite app via the apple Store (iphones) or google play (Android). Search for Event Brite and then download the app. VERY IMPORTANT: When setting up your Event Brite account, it’s essential that you use the same email address used to make your purchase(s). From now until the event, all of your tickets will be automatically linked to the app using that email address. When you get to the gate for admission, you will only need to present your electronic ticket for scanning and your drivers license. The license must match the name on the ticket. If you prefer not to go the electronic route, you can also printout your tickets and bring them with you. It’s not a bad idea to do both.


After your ticket is scanned, it can not be used again. Therefore, In and Out is not allowed. If you leave, you will have to repay to enter.


Advance ticket prices allows express admission to all of our venues. Cost of admission is already included with your purchase. Look for our express lines, present your ticket (via phone or hardcopy) and drivers license and you’re in.


This Memorial Day Weekend at Sizzle 2022, attendees are able to choose from 3 of our host properties

1. The Marceilles Hotel which is the main host hotel

2. THe Dorcester Hotels and

3. The Suites of Dorchester


All Sizzle information and the Official event guide will all be electronic and accessible at http://sizzlemiami.com The hotels will not have any of this information.

Cancellation Policy

Whats The Cancellation/Refund Policy?

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY ON PURCHASES MADE AFTER 10/1/2022: Cancelled Before 2/1/22 – Full Refund On Events/Tickets Cancellations before 3/1/22 - 50% refund of purchased price On Events/Tickets Cancellations before 4/1/22 – 50% Funds credited to a future Sizzle event Cancellation on or after 5/1/22 – refunds are null and void. ROOM CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY ON BOOKING MADE AFTER 1/1/2022: Cancellations before 3/26/22 - 100% Refundable Cancellations before 4/1/22 – Non-Refundable Hotel Payments: 1st Night Non-Refundabe Deposit Required At The Time Of Booking

Packages / VIP Cards / Tickets


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Wholesale inquires?

We are always looking to expand the CoCoDot connection. Please send us an email at connect@cocodoctaffection.com.

Will you be adding to your product line?

We always have something in the works. However, we take pride in the quality and consistency of our products. Although caring is sharing, we like to take things one careful step at a time to make sure we're doing our best to take care of you and your little ones.

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General Event Questions

Is There Shuttle Transportation To And From The Airport?

No - No transportation is provided by Sizzle Miami

Is Shuttle Transportation Available To And From The Events?

Because most of our attendees are opting to utilize rental cars and UBER as their main source of ground travel, we won't be using shuttles this year. Also, there's a long row of taxis at the hotel 24-hrs a day.

How Do I Receive My Event Tickets And Purchases?

Unlike previous years, all tickets will be sent to you electronically weeks prior to the event. Should you have questions on this, please contact us here.

How Much Money Do I Need For Events?

This is a very important question, and here at Sizzle, we like to be upfront when it comes to cost and finances. Sizzle offers world-class venues and top-notch events. As you might imagine, to experience and have the best, you’ll have to pay for it. Clubbing can range from $20-40 (general admission) depending on the venue. The Main event on Saturday night, given the production level, will cost $40-$55 at the door - Take advantahe of our online sales

Will I Need A Car?

Normally we would say yes especially since the host hotel is on the beach and some of the venues are in the city, but there are a few things to consider:

1. Parking at the host hotel is $40/night

2. Driving around South Beach might be a bit challanging given the amount of people and cars.

3. Parking on the beach is limited

4. If you plan on drinking at night, it's highly suggested that you use Uner o Lyft. Traditionally, there are sobrierty checkpoints when coming back to be Beach on the causeways

Where Are Good Places To Shop?

Next to sunbathing and beaching, shopping is a favorite for most of our Sizzlers. Like Lenox in Atlanta, Aventura Mall in Aventura is a perfect place to shop and be seen. For those of you whp have much deeper pockets, Bal-Harbour Shops is a must. See shopaventuramall.com and balharbourshops.com for more information and directions or as your hotel information desk.

What Happens If It Rains?

For heaven sake, just don’t cry. But seriously, Miami does get its fair share of rain during the Memorial Day Weekend, however, it’s infrequent and consists of very short durations. Our rain is normally followed by sun, sun and yes, more sun. The average high is 86 degrees and the low is 71 degrees. For you girls who like to flaunt the furs; not here baby! ALL EVENTS GO OF AS PLANNED COME RAIN OR COME SHINE.