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🔥🔥🔥 D A V I D  R E T U R N S
 #soakhim2017 hosted by @king_david85 / SATURDAY MAY 27th 2pm-8pm  -  #FOLLOW SIZZLE @sizzlemiami

Just when you thought Sizzle could not get any hotter this year, Mr. Sizzle himself David McIntosh returns to #Sizzle2017. Yes bad boy David McIntosh will be coming in all the way from Australia to show you what the fuss is all about.

Hilton Miami Airport
2pm - 8pm
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126
Get discounted tickets online at

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami #sizzle2017
Thurs 25th May - Mon 29th May

Tickets -
Hotel - rates as low as $129/night Group code SZL - book online at or call the Hilton at 305-262-1000
Delta Code / NMLZP / 800-328-1111
Avis Code / J660074 / 800-331-1600

Sizzle Miami® - Here Comes The Sun!



🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥S I Z Z L E M I A M I


This Memorial Day Weekend In Miami Is Going To Be LIT!!!! STARRING #YOUNGMA - @hennynhoes - Featured Performing Artist on Sunday May 28th At The Sizzle Beach Festival

#TRINAROCKSTARR - @trinarockstarr - Host/Hip-Hop Performer
#PORSHA - @porsha4real - Yacht Party Host

#DAVIDMCINTOSH - @king_david - Soak Him Host

#BLAMEITONKWAY - @blameitonkway - Host

#ARMON - @armonwiggins - Sizzle 2017 Host

#JAYWILL - @callmejaywill - Performer

#BRYN - @bryntmusic - Performer

- 4 DJs with 2 hype emcees
- 9 Sexy Sizzle Dancers
- 6 National Sizzle Socialites - 4 Local Miami Socialites
- 12 Stunning Sizzle Models

😎🔥🌴🏖💯🙌🏽 #herecomesthesun2017 
Memorial Day Weekend in Miami#sizzle2017
Thurs 25th May - Mon 29th May 

What: Sizzle Miami 2016

When: Thursday May 26th-30th, 2016

Where: Miami Beach, FL

Booking/Tickets: on instagram 

786-916-6078 /


Come And See What The Fuss Is All About

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