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ANNOUNCEMENT #3 - 9/29/15

Face of Sizzle 2016 National Search:

TUESDAY 29, SEPTEMBER, 2015 – MIAMI, FL. - Dwight Powell, CEO and owner of Sizzle Miami along with the entire Sizzle team are super excited to offer details on the search for the Face of Sizzle 2016.


Owning a warm, inviting face, he’s exuberant with an abundance of charm and charisma. His chiseled body is one of perfection that photographer world-over seek to shoot. Traditionally, the Face of Sizzle (#FOS-Miami) is considered the epitome of everything our brand needed to fulfill our promise and obligation as one, if not the leading urban events world-wide. Over the next few months, Sizzle Miami will undergo its most aggressive search in the history of the event for our new Face of Sizzle 2016.


As usual, your assistance will be required for this arduous task. Sizzle Miami will choose 12 men from across the Nation that possess the essential characteristics necessary to be named the Face of Sizzle Miami. You’ll then take it from there by voting at for the model that you think is most deserving of this honor. Voting begins November 1st 2015 and will end on December 31st 2015. The highly anticipated FOC contender with the most votes will be unveiled in January 2016.


Although only one will be chosen as the Face of Sizzle, all 12 men will serve as Official Sizzle 2016 Models, and will grace our stage at the our signature day event, The Beach Festival on Sunday May 29th, 2015. There you’ll get to meet and greet each of our stunning models up-close and in person. So actually, there are no losers; you, our models and the Sizzle brand all WIN!!!


CLICK HERE if you would like to join the men already in the running


ANNOUNCEMENT #2 - 8/24/15

Statement On Sizzle 2016 Sales:

From time to time and prior to the event next year, there will be various sales. Please take note that No future sale will be better than the previous one. This current sale of 50% is the best sale we have prior to then event. Our current sale sales ends Thursday 8/27/15 at midnight. 


Questions - call us at 305-454-0868 should you have questions

Live Chat is also available from our site



ANNOUNCEMENT #1 - 8/20/15 

Statement On Sizzle Host Hotels:

Many years back in the earlier days of Sizzle Miami, host hotels served as essential communal hubs where gays and lesbians found comfort and safety. For our more seasoned and mature event goer, these places were not only valued, cherished and respected for its significance, but also for the purposes they served.


Over the years, as norms and societal attitudes towards that demographics shifted upwards for the better, gays and lesbians began to either come out of the closet or no longer found the need to hide their sexuality. Unfortunately along with the positive changes, nationwide these spaces that we once revered weren't being handled with the same care, respect and appreciation by newer event goers and party seekers. As a result, we found that more and more of our regulars began to stay at non-host hotel accommodations; thus, making it clear to us that they didn't want to be a part of what host hotels had evolved into.


Everyone that has experienced the events of Sizzle Miami over the years knows that we're so much more than what host hotels have evolved into today. Therefore, in an attempt to maintain the Sizzle brand adored by so many world-wide, freeing ourselves from that imagery became essential.


Continuing with the model implemented at this past event, in 2016 will again do without the use of one single host hotel. However, unlike this past year's event, and in an attempt to keep all Sizzle guests in one central area, we've decided to refer all guests to the following four hotels which are all next door to each other.  The properties are the Marriott Miami Courtyard Downtown, Hyatt Regency Miami, Epic Miami Hotel and the JW Marriott Marquis. From luxury to modest accommodations, you're hotel type is here and is sure to meet your budget.



The dawn of a brand new day for Sizzle Miami is here. After 14 years of dominating Downtown Miami during the Memorial Day Weekend, event CEO Dwight Powell makes the big move by relocating his iconic event to picturesque North Miami Beach.

Beginning in May 2016 and in time for the 15th year anniversary of Sizzle Miami, the celebrated Deauville Beach Resort will be the flagship property welcoming vacationers and party seekers from around the world. Just 9 miles from Downtown Miami along the shores of 67th and Collins Avenue, the Deauville Beach Resort is one of the "Grande-Dame" historic landmark hotels of Miami Beach, where legends were and are still being made. With over 700 feet of sun-drenched, white sandy beaches sweeping ocean vistas, a tradition of exceptional service and uncompromising hospitality, the Deauville Beach Resort is the ideal vacation resort. 


In 2016, the event will now offer, in one place, everything that has made Sizzle Miami the most anticipated and celebrated urban LGBT event in the world. Imagine a few brisk steps from your hotel room to the tranquil waters of Miami Beach. Imagine vacationing at a beachside resort that offers an Olympic size swimming pool, scrumptious restaurants and cafes, a fitness and wellness spa, and other amenities that rival top South Florida resorts.  Imagine being just few short miles (via I-195 & 79th Street Causeways) from Club Space, House, Heart and other glitzy nightlife havens in the city of Miami. At the Deauville Beach Resort, imagine a grand lobby that rivals the legendary Sizzle years at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami. WELL MY FRIENDS, IMAGINE NO MORE! At Sizzle 2016, expect this and more for your ultimate experience of a lifetime. SEE MORE HERE. 

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